Episode 17

Navigate uncertainty with OKR

Published on: 3rd August, 2022

We live in times of immense uncertainty — which tends to lead to an unclear outlook on where your organization and teams are headed. Setting a sound strategy and subsequent goals to help you succeed becomes all the more difficult.

While the OKR framework may not be a solution for turbulent internal and external circumstances, it is a tool that can help provide an increased amount of certainty for organizations.

We spoke to Marco Alberti, founder and OKR coach at Murakamy about how organizations can navigate uncertainty with OKR and discussed the following:

  • Is OKR a tool that can help organizations navigate internal and external instability?
  • What are the benefits of using OKR during times of uncertainty?
  • Why do organizations tend to abandon OKR in times of crisis? And how can organizations avoid this from happening?
  • How can employees incorporate OKR into their work schedules, to stay focused but agile during times of uncertainty?

Tune in to learn more!


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