Episode 9

Cascading OKRs: rigid vs. directional

Published on: 18th August, 2021

If you've read "Measure What Matters" you've probably come across the term cascading OKRs. Typically, when you think of cascading OKRs, top-down rigid cascading is what comes to mind.

In an ideal world, rigid cascading seems logical — it gives an impression that an entire organization is pulling in the same direction. In reality organizations are slightly more complex and require multi-directional goal setting.

Top-down cascading is a reflection of traditional command and control. Therefore, there's a good reason why many softwares and consultants discourage top-down cascading of goals.

So what is cascading OKRs all about? We spoke to Peter Kappus, an OKR consultant, about:

  • The definition of cascading OKRs
  • Why organizations should avoid rigid top-down cascading?
  • What should organizations be focusing on instead?
  • Rigid vs. directional cascading


Curious to learn more? Here are some additional resources:


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